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Augie Ammo Journey etc...
Holy FMJ batman!  Well I got my 19 on order.  Will be interesting to see how long it takes to come in?!  Now I seek to acquire some ammo so I'm ready to go once it gets here.  Starting with target ammo yesterday I started casually visiting Theisens and today Field & Stream.  They both said they sell out in less than an hour after they put 9mm ammo out.  I just wanna make sure I know where the shelf is so I can pop in at opening to check.  There were 3 to 4 other people doing same.  I've bought a few boxes on ammoseek, but I don't wanna pay .50 round if I can get familiar with a few stores to buy cheaper from.  I've stayed away from gun shops for now...
Found a nice Glock 2 pistol range bag on amazon, gonna get some hearing protection too.

Been watching some YouTube videos on safety. You guys got any youtubers you follow that you can recommend?!
Augie acquires 9mm ammo 250 rounds at .40 cents per!
How much ammo is enough ammo????

I'm hearing a lot of folks say 2000 rounds per caliber.
I'm glad I stocked up over the years.. I have 1000's in each of my calibers.
My issue is ability to get to the range Sad
Dave do you use ammo cans for storage?
Some in ammo cans and some are in sealed tins ( mil-surp ammo mostly). I hide everything in the safe so sometimes it's just boxes piled everywhere.
I do have a bunch just in boxes though, even some in baggies lol. I'm not really worried about how I store them though...
I need to get a bigger safe.
(09-06-2020, 10:19 PM)Augie91 Wrote: I need to get a bigger safe.

This is always the case.
Or, get two.
One for guns, one for ammo.
I got a couple ammo cans from Amazon today. They were not as big as I expected, but I'm looking forward to finding out how many rounds they hold?? Should I store then in box or just dump then in there??? Noob here, be gentle!!

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