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We sure know how to focus on things that matter
Top stories right now:

Ted Cruz's bad vacation timing

Some chick who chose the wrong Zoom backdrop

Anachronistic prince and princess not welcome back at royal palace that has no actual ruling power
Actually, I partially take that back. Perseverance is getting a lot of coverage, as it should.
(02-19-2021, 02:01 PM)Trub Lou Wrote: Actually, I partially take that back. Perseverance is getting a lot of coverage, as it should.

Sat down yesterday and watched the landing. Some of the best drama I've seen on TV this year. Literally edge of seat stuff the last minutes. It didn't hurt that the young lady that was in charge and announcing where they were in landing sequence was VERY easy on the eyes. I'm a sucker for very smart, attractive women.
I love seeing the summation of our hard work. The rest is the circus.
Indeed. As much as I started the thread to bitch about all the inconsequential things dominating the news, this week actually contains one of the few things in a very long time that has really mattered from a "humanity to the next level" perspective.

The vaccine stuff has been cool, but that's more like maintaining the car so that it can actually make it to the next race.

Bam! Racist.
Augie turned 52 this week. Now THATS a big deal! I went to gun range and celebrated proper!!
I'm surprised they allow that much whisky at the range.
And they thought I was drinking Diet Coke!  Just kidding, alcohol and shooting are something I avoid for obvious reasons!!  Tremendous respect for my weapons and my life.  I don't think I have EVER mixed the 2.  What about the rest of y'all??
When I started shooting bulls eye pistol about 20 years ago, I would have a beer or glass of wine with dinner before heading out to shoot in my bulls eye pistol league. Stopped doing that about my 3rd year and have never had alcohol before shooting since then.
As a relatively new shooter, I worry about making a mistake that compromises my safety or that of others. So I'm trying really hard to keep that trigger finger away from trigger until I am ready to fire. Always having weapon pointed down range, things like that. I need all my senses and focus for sure. The other day at the range I noticed all the dents in the ceiling down range, some just a few feet from where you stand. I wondered to myself what kinda screw up made that happen Smile

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