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Gas tank/magnet experiment
Took my Wheelhorse tiller in a while back to get the carb cleaned and fixed.  Engine would idle, but cut out when I opened the throttle. Turned out to be rust in the carb from a  rusted tank.  Dam ethanol gasoline.  The guy that fixed it told me the tank was rusted, he'd cleaned it out but couldn't get it all.  It is an old Briggs and he couldn't get a replacement tank.  He said there was a good chance it could happen again, if rust came loose.  I've got a few magnets that I scavenged out of some hard drives.  I figured what the hell,and used some needle nose pliars to put one down in the tank to hopefully catch any errant flakes of rust.  We'll see how it does.  And I learned a while back to never buy anything but pure gas for small engines.
Huh. I never would've thought about using a magnet. You monkeyfighters never cease to amaze me with your ingenuity.
You can never carry too much ammo, unless you are swimming or on fire.

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