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May 2023 Camper Road Trip
[Image: PZqBPws.jpg]

550 miles today in Bradshaw NE pop 300. Got the RV park to ourselves. Total beating driving this much. Got another 500 to get to Rushmore tomorrow.
DJ that whole I-35 you do down to DFW sucks ballz just sayin.
Post some pics of the prezzy mountain!!
(05-25-2023, 02:53 AM)Mexas Joe Wrote: DJ that whole I-35 you do down to DFW sucks ballz just sayin.

I quit going that way a long time ago.  We meander through Kansas and Oklahoma small towns and eventually take 75 into Dallas. Takes about the same amount of time and I hate paying tolls
[Image: Tsnl9sJ.jpg]
Spent the afternoon at Little Bighorn. Somber.

Imgur won't let me post pics of the graves for some reason.
[Image: 931LCcz.jpg]

[Image: 4a6yySZ.jpg]

[Image: BEZ5jJz.jpg]

Poasting just the tip not much wifi and Imgur posting is still kicking off many pics.
Spent last night in Jackson Hole explored the downtown of the ski town. Today drove 450 miles to Cheyenne. In mostly rain. What a beating. Positive side I may have had the best MR Prime Rib evah tonight.
Bumpage. May/June 2024 Camper Road Trip. No need for another thread methinks.

So Boss said we didn't even get Just the Tip of Jell-ah Stone.

So back all the fecking way up there. Reserved 3 nights to hit the north part of the park. Then heading to Glacier NP which is damn near Canuckistan because we may as well knock that one out because we are so close. Pray for my liver friends.
Watch out for the bears in Jellystone, they will steal your pic-i-nic basket.

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