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Tractor Time
I have a buddy clearing some land on his investment property. He took down several large oak. 

I loaded up as much as I could haul. May even go back for more. Time to get some employees to start splitting up wood. 

[Image: Ra8qRau.jpg][Image: 3SCkobv.jpg]

For the record, that back hoe kicked my ass. I can use the front bucket just fine. But the hoe is a complete ass-whip. That takes especial skillz I lack.
My dad was a whiz with a backhoe. When I was a kid, I worked for him for a couple of summers, and more than one person told me he's the only person they'd ever trust to be operating that bucket six inches from their head.
[Image: VTNxtQM.jpg]

Since my bro is on Spring Break with his fam this week I'm covering his side hustle of slinging Hay. His rig is pretty sweet. AC, comfy seat and tunes. Could get used to that. 

Gotta head to my old man's tomorrow (he's gone this week too) and get a guy fixed up on 40 square bales.
(05-28-2020, 01:32 PM)Mexas Joe Wrote: [Image: YvOfdC2.jpg]

Been cutting a ditch aka Swale through my back pasture to control water flow. Tractor and box blade is not ideal for this task but you gotta work with what you got.

(07-18-2020, 01:44 PM)Mexas Joe Wrote: So muh Swale worked as intended, till we got 7" of rain in 24 hours. Shit eroded like hell. Rather than simply bring in more dirt to fill the swale that will just wash away again I went full Jihad on that bitch. 

84 bags of 80lb quickcrete later:

[Image: Nu8xvCi.jpg]

I'll fill in and dare that whore to wash out again. 

6800lbs of concrete moved in a single day by yours truly makes me feel like an old man.

[Image: n8Aauxz.jpg]

Finally just decided to pay-up and bring in a professional.
How much did that dog charge to place all that rock?
(04-02-2021, 01:35 AM)garyNconcord Wrote: How much did that dog charge to place all that rock?

Six bones
So yesterday I tried to pull up a dead palm tree with mah tractor. No dice.

Through the amazing youtube I have discovered using the spare tire trick to pull up stumps. I'll try this and report back.
Stump/tire trick worked but took some practice.

Fecking replacement palm trees 5-6' in height were gunna run me 1.5K from the Messican palm farmer. That's me hauling and planting.

Feck that noise. I'm no longer in the palm biz for the pool.
More room to plant weed.
You can never carry too much ammo, unless you are swimming or on fire.

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