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We sure know how to focus on things that matter
(02-20-2021, 06:30 PM)Augie91 Wrote: As a relatively new shooter, I worry about making a mistake that compromises my safety or that of others.  So I'm trying really hard to keep that trigger finger away from trigger until I am ready to fire.  Always having weapon pointed down range, things like that.  I need all my senses and focus for sure.  The other day at the range I noticed all the dents in the ceiling down range, some just a few feet from where you stand.  I wondered to myself what kinda screw up made that happen Smile

As the coach of a junior rifle team I tend to come down hard on the juniors that fail to follow rules 1,2 of firearm safety (1: pointed in safe directions, 2: booger hook off the trigger).  I bring this up in the initial safety briefing with all new shooters and emphasize that I will sometimes raise my voice but make it clear I am not angry, just need to get attention quickly if there is a safety issue.

This past Thursday I had a new kid that was just learning how to use the rifle with a sling and he lost control of the rifle for a moment and it swept the shooter next to him (note:  The empty chamber indicator was in the barrel so nobody was at risk), but I raised my voice and said 'hey, watch your rifle!' and grabbed the rifle and kept it pointed in a safe direction again.

Poor kid... he was only 8 and I could tell he was initially shaken.  I stayed with him and continued to help and praise him as he continued to shoot in the sling for the first time.  Seemed ok after that.
Common sense has taken me YEARS to acquire and I still often fail with new situations.

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